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I haven't peed in two days my left side of my tummy harts and my head is numb and i relly have tryed drinking a lot puting preshur on my bladder and my back harts - Asked by N N on 03-Jun-2014 18:08:54

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    Answered by Dr. Suneel Vallabhaneni on 03-Jun-2014 18:37:20

    Unable to urinate could have two main causes. 1. Some thing obstructing the urinary outflow tract called urethra or at the ureters (tracts connecting kidneys to the bladder) on both sides. In this you would feel the urge to urinate but won't be able to due to the obstruction. 2. Decreased sensory and muscular function of the bladder. In this condition you may feel the urge to urinate as the sensory nerves are effected. This in turn can be caused by large scale terminal nerve damage by diabetes or by nerve root damage related to nerve compressions at the spine due to disc prolapse or narrowing of the vertebral column called spinal stenosis. Left sided tummy pain and back pain could also be from symptoms secondary to urethra or ureter obstruction leading to back up and dilatation of ureters and kidneys leading to urinary tract infection. Kidney stones are one of the causes of ureter obstructions, but any masses in the belly can also compress the ureters from outside leading to obstruction. Either way, unable to urinate for 2 days is an urgent situation and you need to see a primary care doctor or urologist today. Testing usually starts with a bladder scan after you empty you bladder. If there is >300 CC urine still left in there, then it needs further investigations like ultrasound of the kidneys. Also need to be tested for kidney function by blood work. Damage to the kidney function and infection leading to sepsis are the ones which we need to be concerned at this time and that is why you need to see a doctor today. I do not want you to get overwhelmed with this information but I want you to get it addressed today so that serious consequences can be prevented. Please do not hesitate to contact us back if you have any further questions.
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