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a few weeks ago my boyfriend fingered me, even though it only happend for a few seconds , I am not sure if he had cum or precum on his hands. 9 days later I got my period, but it was not like my usual period as it was prolonged by 2 days and I had a very heavy flow. after my period I have been feeling naucious in the morning and when I eat anything. I also get horribly painful stomach aches when I wake up and at random times during the day. This has been going on for a week now and I have been for a full blood count test and a rapid urine test and everything came out perfect according to the docter. today I am going for a sonar to find out what's wrong. But I am afraid that they will misread everything... could I be pregnant? - Asked by i d on 27-May-2014 13:45:41

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  • Internal Medicine

    Answered by Dr. Suneel Vallabhaneni on 29-May-2014 19:03:34

    Chances of pregnancy are less especially when you had a menstrual cycle 9 days after supposed sexual physical contact. But the only way to be certain is to get a serum pregnancy test, which is more sensitive than urine pregnancy test. If there is vaginal discharge, I would suggest you to get checked for sexually transmitted infections like gonorrhea and chlamidia which can cause a condition called pelvic inflammatory disease(PID) and this condition can present with symptoms like lower abdominal pain, pain during sexual intercourse and some times nausea. The only way to rule this out as a possibility is to get a pelvic exam done by your primary care doctor and get vaginal/cervical cultures done for the above two conditions. If any of these tests come positive, screening for other sexually transmitted infections like HIV, syphilis and Hep C are recommended. I would recommend consistent use of condoms for any future sexual encounters to decrease the risk of acquiring sexually transmitted infections. If your lower abdominal pain is associated with irregular and heavy menstrual periods over a period of months, then fibroids and endometriosis need to be considered and ultrasound is useful to screen for these conditions. Hope this answered your question and let us know if you have any further questions.
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