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hey, im currently 18 year old, and when i was around 14-15 year old, i had no any symptom of this annoying eczema symptom. I could use InEars or Headphone. anyway, when i turned to 16, i started to have white flakes on my hair, and i though it was dandruff so i tried danduff schampoo, it didnt go away, so i went to doctor, they couldnt find it they took blood tests yet couldnt find anything, so i went to home without any knowledge of this symptom. on 16 i started to have oily skin. my ears, my hairs, and my face (especially my nose top) gets oily, so oily that if i touch it, i MUST wash my hands else they will be oily always. now, i cant use inEars or Headphones because my ears are oily and hair (ofcourse face too). my hair also got more irritating, annoying more often flakes. i went to doctor again with more serious conversation, and got redirected to another doctor which is in skin care, he said i had dandruff eczema which i will have it for the rest of my life without any cure, but it could be getting in control, however i got some heavy medicine such as Hydrokortison creme for my face/ear, and a strong medicine for my hair, i should use that for my hair and use a plastic bag to prevent it getting dry, and sleep with it. during wake-up i should wash my hair, and loop it always everyday for 2-3 weeks, then i could do it less, and take control of it. however i forgot the name, still got it, and its somewhat strong steroid it says. it has alcohol yes, and smells alcohol. however, as of now there is no way to cure it, ok i can control it now my hair, but this oil i cant control it! my hair, my face and even ear gets super oily. so oily that if i use my headphone once, they get immediately oily. if i usr inEar headset, it gets immediately oily, so much oily that i can even see the oil covering inEar. what i want is to find a solution to this, if i go t doctor ill have to wait 1 month at LEAST to get a schedule with a doctor, so i choosed some quick solutions such as online doctor, however, do you know any solution to this? i cant use anything nor during winter time cant cover my ears / head against cold, cuz they get oily over-time so it is getting annoying over-time, and for headphones, its annoying because i cant use headphones without cleaning the oil. please i need a solution, its really annoying to have oily skin, at least i want something to prevent my ears to get oily. i TRIED to wash REALLY REALLY HARD ONCE only, to make it suuper hygienic, however it didnt help, instead it made it produce more oil (it feels so, i believe it did, but it may be inaccurate), now im hopeless, creme doesnt help because the creme i got is to prevent my face and ear get that flakes. by the way, the eczema is not so hard now cuz i can contrl it, but still im super-oily, i hope i get a solution to this without in need for a doctor. - Asked by M G on 04-Jan-2015 08:30:45

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Replied by M G on 04-Jan-2015 08:40:27

also forgot to add Fungoral schampoo which got ketoconazol thing in it, for dandruff i got (eczema). i use only that everytime i take bath. but this has nothing to do for the oil problem. still wanted to say, it might be helpful for more accuracy answer. thanks!
  • Answered by Dr. on 05-Jan-2015 12:31:27


    You have oily skin and dandruff for which you have already consulted and taken treatment for the same. Usually dandruff increases during stress. I guess oily skin can be easily controlled with bath and some talcum powder.


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