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dear doctor please help me and feel right.?n the past few years ? hit my head two times but hopefully nothing happened but after these ? think and feel there is something wrong with my head because a doctor said after my MR there is something but it is anotomic as ? do not have any symtom.then ? lost my father and uncle because of cancer and my psycology became upside dowm. now ? plan to have a baby but ? dont feel good. my neck has pressure and my brain has it too. ? feel hot and ? have hearttrob. do ? have anything wrong eith my brain really ? am scared or are those related with psychology? please help me - Asked by s s on 06-May-2014 02:30:33

Answer Count: 2    Disorder Type: Nervous system disorders

  • Internal Medicine

    Answered by Dr. Suneel Vallabhaneni on 07-May-2014 05:33:18

    Depending on how severe and how often the injury happened to the head, people rarely can have headaches over the long term due to this. In your case the injuries are less likely contributing to headaches. Coming to family history of cancers, it would help me to answer better if you could tell me what type of cancers they had. Certain types of cancers like colon, breast or prostate cancers have higher risk of inheritance. If the headaches are due to any masses in the brain, they usually have other symptoms like weaknesses of the arms or legs, difficultly swallowing, vision, speech or imbalance in gait. These are symptoms similar to stroke. Masses in the brain, depending on the size can also cause vomiting due to increased pressure with in the skull due to swelling of the brain. Since you did not mention any of these, this is less likely a cause in your case. The other generalized symptoms which you have mentioned like heart throbbing and anxiety are making me think that it could be a psychological condition. It is better for you to see a physician to get more details about your symptoms and a good physical exam to make sure you do not have any neurological deficits as I mentioned above. To rule in a psychological condition, other life threatening causes have to be excluded and this is the reason why you need to see a physician. Let me know if you have any further questions.
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  • Neuropsychiatry

    Answered by Dr. GopalasarmaG on 21-May-2014 23:11:53

    The little information is not enough to make any diagnosis and suggest any treatment. By the way who made you to get MR scan? He should be able to tell whether your problem is organic or functionla and hwom to consult. My suggestion is to consult Physician (MD General) and get evaluated.

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