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Good Afternoon Sir, main Kafi Time Se Apne Health Ko leker Bahut Presaan Hu. Kuch BHi Khaya Piya Nahi Lagta Aur Na Hi Bhuk Lagti Thi.Isliye Maine 2 Tablat Li (CIPLADIN Aur DECDON ). Iske Use Se Meri Bhuk Sahi Ho Gayi Aur Fat Aane Laga. Iska Use Mine 3 Month Kiya.Lakin Ise Band Karne Ke baad Meri Bhuk Fir Se Kam Hone Lagi Aur Main Pahle Se Bhi Jyada Kamjo Ho Gaya. Sir Plz Help Me................Wht I Do......? - Asked by a x on 29-Dec-2015 14:18:09

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    Answered by Dr. Venkata Rama Krishna K on 29-Dec-2015 19:50:30


    it is better not to take this medication for improving appeptite and weight gain ,,unless prescribed by doctor.

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