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Hello Dr. Mera Nam tabbsumhai hai me Nagpur Maharashtra ki hu mera swal mere ma ke liye hai unki umar 52 year hai 1month SE unke petme darad hai ,ulti jasa lagta hai,sirdard hota hai,une hamesha sardi rahti hai,gas uper ki taraf aati hai,dakare chal rahi hai,khana nahi horaha hai,ghabrat hoti hai,chakar jasa lagta hai,unke upper abdomen ka ultrasound me sab khuch normal hai is samayyasa ka upay bataiye? - Asked by s x on 03-Aug-2016 13:06:50

Answer Count: 1    Disorder Type: Digestive disorders
  • Answered by Dr. on 03-Aug-2016 14:21:26

    ap nagpur se hai but apki ma ko ek bar mera pass kolkata lana parega kuki sare bat likhi nai jati or pati

    pt ko examine karna jaruri hai. ish case ke liye homoeopathy acchcca hai.

    mai Ek parchi de raha hai usko thik se khilaye our ekbar leke ayaiee nehito follow up nei ho payga


    Club Moss- 1 M/16 D 

    2drops in 100ml Aqua Dista with 30 Drops Rs x 16 bottles

    Take one bottle every day in empty stomach before brushing.

    2. Chincona-Q

    30 drops thricee daily x16 days

    Come after 21 days on appointment .



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