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Hello - I have a doctor's appointment scheduled because Ive been getting extreme headaches that last for days (my family tells me theyre migraines). I was wondering if I need to bring up that I do certain things to give me energy throughout the day since I try not to eat much (I'm an average height and weight, but am one of those girls always trying to lose the next pound or two). For instance in an average day, I take one 24 hour Sudafed (the real kind), have some coffee, one Rockstar energy drink, sometimes Diet Mt. Dew, and sometimes take Green Tea Dexatrim pills if I need an extra boost. I also take laxatives a few times a week to help my metabolism along (Ive read that doesnt technically help with weight loss, but I had my entire large intestine removed years ago so my bodys a bit different and they do seem to help). I do drink a lot of water, so I dont think the headaches are from dehydration, but Im not sure. Im way too embarrassed to admit all that to someone in person. I will if its necessary information, Im just trying to save myself the panic. Thank you! - Asked by j x on 04-Aug-2016 00:58:20

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