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Hi, I am 35 years of age recently i had problem as burning sensation in my stomach and as i was out of country i visited usa physician who when checked me rild me my bp was 150/ 90 and pulse was 96 and i had sinus as well due to which i was like problemin breathing..she done my ecg and told you require proper checkup..i returned back to india and since i came i had consulted to heart doctor as well as my phyisician bp currently 140/87 they started bp medicine .25mg nebistar and ciplox 750mg and dolo for fever..i am on medication since 16th july..2016 meanwhile i had under ecg which comes as normal, TROP T test which is negative, while body checkup through blood trst and urine and throid test which comes normal only my ESR (WESTERGREN'S METHOD) comes as 45mm/hr in Haematology report and Bone profile and my IROn occurrs as 41.9. KINDLYADVICE IN REGARD TO MY TREATMENT My current cardiologist tild me nothing to worry for heart and phyisician rest assured me that you will be fine...still on medication but have heavyness in chest and acidity.. thanks chanjeet - Asked by c x on 30-Jul-2016 00:20:39

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    Answered by Dr. Ramya Smitha on 30-Jul-2016 20:18:23

    nothing to worry , slowly it will subside 

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