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I am a software engineer. Don't get much time to do workout. Please suggest. - Asked by N l on 07-Dec-2013 08:42:55

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    Answered by Dr. Suneel Vallabhaneni on 08-Dec-2013 01:13:31

    Agree with Samraj, you have to count calories. Recommended calories for an average of 70 kg person is approximately 2000 calories. Among these you have to add more veggies preferably non fried, decrease the consumption of concentrated carbohydrates like sugar, juices(try to eat fruits instead) and sweets. Rice or wheat component should be brown rice or less polished rice. I do understand you are busy but we can still integrate brief 15-20 minutes brisk exercise into work like lifting dumbbell weights while at work, parking your vehicle farther from your office and walk. Compensating with more work out during weekends. After trying the above regimen for good 6 to 12 months, other option is taking a weight loss pill(which does come with side effects like diarrhea and bloating)and last option would be bariatric surgery which has its own side effects like the pill plus vitamin deficiencies.
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