Ask A Doctor - I am 22 year old. I see black marks on my tooth's. kindly suggest me what sold I do and how can I keep my teeth's awesome. Thanks in advance, it will mean a lot to me. Thank you. - DesiMD Healthcare Services


tooth decay problems with me. please guide me to take the best care of my teeth's. Thank you. - Asked by M D on 14-Oct-2014 01:03:54

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    Answered by Dr. Srividya Venigalla on 16-Oct-2014 01:34:24

    Coffee ,Tea, Carbonated Drinks, Smoking and Alcohol and chewing tobacco can cause staining of teeth. Also very improtant to brush your teeth twice daily along with flossing and see a dentist twice a year to keep your teeth and your gums healthy .

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    Answered by Dr. Jyothirmai Talasila on 16-Oct-2014 22:30:57

    Hi, Black marks could be from food stain and it can be starting of tooth decay. If the grooves in teeth are deep it is likely to have food stains as well as decay to begin. The best care of teeth is twice daily, brush the teeth with flouride toothe paste (not over do) then mouth rinse (the one with flouride and non-alcohol based since it makes mouth dry, and sugar free) and floss. If your day doesn't permit for this then make sure u brush twice a day and mouth rinse n floss at night before bed.

    In your case please see a dentist for evaluation and treatment as needed. Yes you need to keep your teeth clean and is good you are aware of the importance of oral health.

    Hope this address your concerns.

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Replied by V M on 17-Oct-2014 00:21:06

Hello young 22 year old. The black marks on your teeth could be due to something as simple as superficial discoloration or stains from dark colored foods and beverages or from tobacco habits; it could also be hard deposits of bacteria and food remnants ( called dental calculus ) which are difficult to remove by brushing your teeth; or it could be a sign of a deeper and more serious problem of cavities or tooth decay. It is better to visit your dentist as early as possible to avoid further complications of tooth decay such as pain or swelling due to dental abscess; and gum infections due to calculus. As for awesome teeth - you can have that when you team up with your dentist, who will teach you the best way to care for your teeth and gums !
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