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I am 29 years old lady. I take eltroxcin 100mcg daily since last 4 years. I have endometocyst in my right ovary since last 5 months. My periods are regular though. Will I be able to get pregnant easily? I want to avoid pregnancy so I take Dronis (20 pills) in my menustral cycle. Is it effective to stop pregnancy? - Asked by s x on 07-Aug-2016 23:38:18

Answer Count: 1    Disorder Type: Endocrine, nutritional and metabolic disorders
  • Answered by Dr. on 08-Aug-2016 00:27:01

    Sorry do know the bad effect of Dronis which will give u lot of side effect in future and your present precriber shall say that those are due  other cause.

    Insufficient information which cannot be helpful for pprescription

    It is curable in Homoeopath provided Individualised case record is reqired otherwise this will be a fruiless exercise as there has some inherent cause which has not been identified by you.With propessional  Homoeopath practitioner can only help you for all of your problem.

    However primary prescription as under:

    1. Brime Stone-1M/16D

    2 drops in 100 ml Aqua Dista and mix 30 drops of RSX 16 bottle

    one bottle take every day moring in empty stomach before brushing

    Report after 30 day of use via maIL  :   or Contact No 09433076820

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