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Iam around 300 kgs and I need to loose 200 kgs fast please - Asked by i a on 15-Oct-2014 21:46:52

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Replied by i a on 15-Oct-2014 21:55:45

I agree
  • Answered by Dr. on 16-Oct-2014 10:51:52


    Probably the best course would be to undergo gastric balloon or gastric bypass surgeries. Other alternatives would be liposuction. However, there needs to be a firm committment from you to doctors regarding your desire to reduce weight. Otherwise, these proceldures would not help and you would revert back to same again. If you want to try diet control, reduce quantity of food intake and regular fasting would help. Moderate exercise helps in breaking down calories.

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    Answered by Dr. Srividya Venigalla on 17-Oct-2014 10:26:12

    If you would like to lose this weight non surgically , it will take time.

    It  took time to gain this weight , it will take time to lose weight .

    You need the commitment and patience - diet and exercise are very important in losing weight.

    It also not advisable to lose weight fast without medical supervision. 

    You made the first step in deciding to lose weight , now you need to implement it. 

    All the best 



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Replied by i a on 17-Oct-2014 12:49:42

thank u so much x I just wanna know how much time will it take?
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