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I didn't even know where this pain came from. It just came out of nowhere. It's red and feels tender. I can't chew properly but I can eat. I can open my mouth just fine. I can feel that it's swollen, but I can't say for certain. I tried gargling iodized salt, it lifted the pain temporarily. I tried chewing on ice cubes and it only seemed to aggrevate it. What other things should I do? - Asked by L B on 02-Nov-2015 05:22:13

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    Answered by Dr. I Vijayalakshmi Murthy on 02-Nov-2015 07:58:06

    Hi LB
    Instead of chewing on ice cubes, try placing the ice cubes on your cheek, on the side where you feel it is swollen.
    Place the ice in a plastic bag and apply gently for a couple of minutes, do not press; keep the pack away for a couple of minutes.
    Do this for at least 15 minutes. It will relieve pain and reduce the swelling too.
    Continue rinsing your mouth with warm (not hot) salt water at least 4 or 5 times during the day.
    Do not chew anything on the painful side. Eat soft food that can be swallowed easily and make sure the food is warm, not hot.
    You could take any pain medication that you would normally use, that will give you immediate relief.
    Try to visit your dentist as soon as possible because your symptoms appear to be from an infected tooth or a broken tooth,
    which only a dentist can fix.
    Hope this helps.

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