Ask A Doctor - I had a Catherization and placed 2 DES placed, one in Left Cirx and one in the RAC. It has been over 45 days and I am expercising an hour cardio after a week. I am still feeling the similar Agina even now in a lighter way. How Can I confirm there no issue - DesiMD Healthcare Services


After 15 days of the DES placement, I went through another round of Nuclear Stress test and came very clear fter 12 minutes of exercise. Now the doctor says with the combination of Angio gram and ths test, it could be more psychological than physical. But I am feeling that similar discomfort what I had before the Angio and Stenting in a lighter way. What else can be done to make sure this is not related to heart or any major? During angio gram, I was told there are two small blocks found on the LCA, RAC but the block size could be around 20% and not to worry about it since we are now using the medication, it will not create any major problems this soon. What could be my discomfrt? Is it healing pain? Is it usual in the case of Stenting? - Asked by S M on 11-Dec-2013 05:04:20

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    Answered by Dr. Suneel Vallabhaneni on 11-Dec-2013 05:30:55

    Your heart doctor is likely correct in assessing the situation. 20 % blockages have very minimal risk of causing heart attack and stents are not recommended for these lesions. The other complication which can happen in the immediate period after a stent is a clot forming with in the stent, for which your doctor rightfully did a stress test to screen for any such complication. Other remote possibility is a blockage in the terminal vessels which come from the larger vessels like ex:RCA, these again can not be stented and pills are the best available option. It is also common for illnesses like heart attack and stroke which carry a risk to life to have an effect on our brain leading to anxiety or depression. So even if the chest pain is coming due to true heart related condition I think you are on appropriate treatment as recommended by your doctor, if not there might be a psychological element which might get better with time.
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    Answered by Dr. Samuel Rajkumar Pilli on 11-Dec-2013 09:20:08

    Please trust your doctor who is treating your condition and be reassured, he will do the best for you. Keep in constant touch with the team and do not become anxious.
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    Answered by Dr. Ajay Tripuraneni on 12-Dec-2013 08:42:07

    Agree with Dr Suneel. Also if you have any other issues with indigestion, blood in your stools or black stools, or heart burns check with your doctor for non heart related issues.
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