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i have epididymitis with reactive varicocele in my left testicle. what antibiotics should i take? no pain or scrotum swelling im experiencing right now - Asked by J A on 29-Dec-2015 16:56:28

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    Answered by Dr. Venkata Rama Krishna K on 29-Dec-2015 19:39:33


    from how many days ur  having the problem?  r u sure with ur diagnosis ? if u dont have any problem presently,,no need of antibiotics,,,if so,,u can take tab,cefexime 2 times a day for 7 days.

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Replied by J A on 29-Dec-2015 23:14:55

this is the background of the problem: last dec18 i felt somewhat discomfort in my left testis then i just ignored it cause i thought it was just because of my brief then then the discomfort continued for 3 days then it stopped. after 3 days again ( dec24) i checked my ledt testis and i found a marble like shape at the tail of my epididymis. so i went to check an MD, after physical exam she said i have a varicocele then she referred me to take ultrasound and urinalysis. the radtech diagnosed my right testis to have a solid nodules and my left testis to have an epididymitis with reactive varicocele. i dont feel any discomfort, pain, swelling, vomiting, nausea, feeling of heaviness in my body right now. im not sexually active either. what seems to be the problem?

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    Answered by Dr. Venkata Rama Krishna K on 30-Dec-2015 20:25:48


    pain u felt may be due to epididmytis,, consult general surgeon .

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Replied by J A on 31-Dec-2015 08:26:04

hi doc, theres no pain already. no pain in any part of my body. i just felt discomfort when the nodules started to get large but after that there are no pther symptoms being felt. what antibiotic to take and how long? what are the do's and don'ts aswell.
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