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I have had one depo probers shot and I'm wondering how quickly I can become pregnant?


hi my name is Mjane and I am 15 years old , I have had one Depo proverb shot and I want to know how quickly I can become pregnant?I had my jab done when I wasn't on my period and I also had sex the night before, please help me?Thanks :) - Asked by M M on 04-Sep-2015 06:34:42

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  • Answered by Dr. Ramya Smitha on 04-Sep-2015 10:29:04

    One shot can give you protection from pregnancy for upto 12 weeks. So you can get pregnant after crossing the 12 th week if you havent taken another dose at 12th week. Meet your gynecologist for further advice. 

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Replied by M M on 05-Sep-2015 11:38:48

thanks, is there any chance I can get pregnant with a birth control pill whilst I'm on the Depp Provera?

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