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i ma male 37. knee pain since jan 2017.done MRI on 16.02.2017.found grade 1 and grade 2 degeneration medial meniscus left and right knee respectively. at present symptoms inside surface knee pain.doing physiotherapy since two month. - Asked by h x on 09-Apr-2017 17:22:51

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  • Alternative Medicine- Siddha

    Answered by Dr. Subha Subramonian on 10-Apr-2017 12:36:18

    Hai.Degeneration earlier for your age.What about your weight?If u are over weight reduce the weight .Eat green dal in empty stomach early morning. Take 1\2 cup green dal and soak in water .Then drain the water and put it in hotbox over night. Eat the dal in morning with empty stomach.Apply pinda thylam regularly then pour hot water in knee (1/2hour after application).
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