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i have withdrawel head achr because i was on panadein everyday for gallstones and now i havw been eating healthy and had no pain i have gone off the panadein . havent had panadein for nearly a week. and i dont want to take panadol for my head ache. - Asked by n t on 11-Nov-2014 15:30:54

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    Answered by Dr. Ramya Smitha on 11-Nov-2014 16:17:19

    some ways of reducing headache other than taking paracetamol is using a pain relief balm or you can take coffee. if its bothering you too much you can meet a physician for further advice
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    Answered by Dr. Satish Potluri on 13-Nov-2014 02:38:46

    Panadein is a combination of acetaminophen and codein. Withdrawal depends of how long you were taking this medication. If you are taking it for gall stones and were taking this medication for long time, you may have your liver function tests checked as taking too much acetaminophen can cause problem with liver. Withdrawal symptoms may occur due to codein part of this medication especially if you were taking it for a long time. you may feel nauseous, irritability, muscle aches, sweating , agitation , cramps or headaches sometimes. If symptoms are mild can take ibuprofen with meals if you don't have allergies or contraindications. can take nausea medications temporarily. coffee can help. do not stop any opiate medications abruptly or with out physician notice. Your doctor may help you transition with withdrawal Hope this helps.
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