Ask A Doctor - if I have already took my asthma inhaler and im still wheezing can I drink black coffee to help stop the wheezing. I was told that this works my a family friend. - DesiMD Healthcare Services


Im on a asthma inhaler albuteral only as needed, im 40yr - Asked by T T on 24-May-2014 18:16:58

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  • Answered by Dr. on 24-May-2014 22:00:31


    You can either increase your dosage albuterol dosage or try black coffee. Ceffeine is similar to deriphylline (which is a bronchodilator) and can be used by asthma patients in emergency when they do not have access to other remedies.


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Replied by T T on 26-May-2014 08:41:53

Thank you very much that was very helpful information.

  • Pulmonary Diseases

    Answered by Dr. Bettina Morgan on 03-Oct-2014 06:17:08

    If you are still feeling breathless and wheezy after taking your inhaler as prescribed then it's a sign that your asthma needs further treatment. I strongly suggest that you are thinking about contacting your GP or PCP in these occasions as you may need further treatment to settle the attack. Asthma can be a very serious condition and can lead to you becoming extremely unwell and in the UK three people each day die from an asthma attack. So please do not worry about seeking help - they would rather you did than let it get worse.
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