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I'm a 20 years old female I have posos and have been actively trying to convince since August last year my doctors won't give me help at all and won't even consider referring me to the gynaecology this is soul destroying as me and my partner are desperate to become parents. I've started myself on metformin 500mg one in the morning one at night I'm waiting for my next period to start before I take clomid I'm not sure if I'm taking the right dose? - Asked by c n on 15-Nov-2015 16:21:30

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    Answered by Dr. Shravanthi V on 15-Nov-2015 19:24:36

    Plz call on our toll free no i will be able to explain u in detail

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    Answered by Dr. Ramya Smitha on 16-Nov-2015 14:22:18

    Hello, yes you are taking the right dosage of metformin. Try the following tips for fertility Take Tab Folvite 5mg once daily Tab Zincovit once daily Take good balanced diet Take plenty of fruits vegetables and water Try to have intercourse between Day 9 to Day 16 of your period (considering DAY 1 as appearance of first bleed.) Do meet a gynecologist and take up a follicular study( alternate day scans from Day 2 to find out the size of the follicle and time of ovulation) If your husband has not taken up anu test then he has to take up a semen analysis Do Brisk walk for atleast 30 mins everyday to resolve the cysts meet a gynecologist for further advice
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Replied by c n on 16-Nov-2015 20:10:22

Thank you for your reply, how long roughly should it take to achieve a pregnancy by taking these?
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