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I'm female. I'm 36. I have bipolar depression. I'm now in my depression episode. I'm on seroquel xr 300 once in the evening. lamotrigine 250 per day. aripiprazole 15 once in the evening and also respidral 3 once in the evening. I took all these medications but in vain. I took lithium but it affected my thyroid badly and I no longer take it. Are there any other medications that can help me get out of this severe depressive episode? - Asked by R Z on 28-Nov-2015 19:41:16

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    Answered by Dr. Shravanthi V on 29-Nov-2015 20:48:08

    i think ur already on enough dose of medications,i feel u nees to have counselling

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    Answered by Dr. Venkatraju Kalidindi on 30-Nov-2015 11:11:43

    Good morning madam, To meet present trends it is stressful, some people they get depression out of frustrations  for many people right from work, family, to personal issues and age. 

    For depression  counselling is first line and best treatment 1-2 sessions of counselling will make you good life. there are people they stopped all medicines after counselling, have nice day


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