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hello, for 3 years every April to sept I get a rash on my inner thighs, arms, and but. the rash disappears at night because when I wake up it's gone and returns around 6pm everyday they are res bumps far apart and few that look like mosquito bites. they don't itch at all. I did a cleanse for 9 days called the master cleans and on the 10th day this rash appeared it was much worse than it is now not sure if the cleanse timing was a coincidence. please help doctors keep sending me to dermatologists not allergists for some reason. they did a biopsy on the bump and not much came up. he told me it's from my dog then and I gave her away 2.5 weeks ago and I still have the rash. - Asked by e l on 12-May-2014 00:18:31

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  • Answered by Dr. on 13-May-2014 13:31:04


    You most probably have sensitivity to your garmets. If you are using tight fitting clothes (and rough fabric like jeans) your skin gets abrations which appear as rash. Specially, this may be troublesome during summer beause of sweat. I suggest bath twice daily and apply talcum powder. Avoid tight fitting clothes.

    AM Mohan Rao

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