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My cycle is very regular. May was on the 6th, June was on the 6th. My husband and I had intercourse on the 14th and i believe I became fertile the next day. Around the 19th I started to have tender breasts. On the 25th, I felt a wetness i my vagina. I reached inside to see what the discharge was like and it was white and creamy, no smell. The 26th my breasts were very very tender and if i walked around a bit I would feel the wetness of the discharge. On the 27th, my breasts didnt hurt anymore, but i began getting a cramp in my under belly. The cramp was not the same as a period cramp, it was as far down as my belly will go. All the way at the crease of the top of my vagina area and pelvice area begin. It kind of felt like a constriction pain. It was bearable, not extremely painful. It continued through out the day. in the evening, i got very upset over something and as soon as I began to become upset, the pain in my stomach returned and was more painful than before. I got up to walk outside to the car to get something and was walking back inside when i felt a lot of wetness between my legs. when i got back inside i reached down and it was a lot of white milky discharge that had been coming out of me. Later on that night I began bleeding and the bleeding has continued on to the 28th, and is currently still bleeding. I do have a little more cramps, but they are mild, not as bad as period cramps but they resemble period cramps. I do not have the same constriction feeling at the bottom of my stomach as the day before. The blood is red, about the same as period colored blood. It does not seem to be the same amount as a normal period on the first day, nor do the cramps. My question is, being that I am so regular and my period is not due yet, do you believe that I could be pregnant? If so, could it be implantation or threatened miscarriage, or a miscarriage? - Asked by R x on 29-Jun-2016 13:02:56

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    Answered by Dr. Sanjoy Bhattacharyya on 29-Jun-2016 15:13:41

    Hello, Thanks for the detailed description. I presume, this is neither an implantation bleeding nor a miscarraige. Possobly this is an early cycle due to any reasons apart from anything related to pregnancy. Implantation bleeding is mild spotting and a miscarraige is considered onky if you actually miss a full cycle. Just do a pregnancy testing now if you have any such suspicion.
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