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My fathers suffer from problem of tingling sensation and numbness in 20th may 2016 morning time ,immediately consulted with doctors and the Diagnosis find out is as follows : Type 2DM/HTN/ MRI report says CVA left Hemibody parasthesias/Rt. Thalamic Infracts/left ICA nerrowing+RT.Vertebral Artery occlusion Given Medicine TAB Rozuprex20( 0-0-1) TAB Preva-AS 150 (0-0-1) Tab CarbestaCR 200(1/2-1/2-1/2) TAB Pregabid OD 100(0-0-1) CAP Unicobal Forte(0-1-0) INJ Neurokind Gold 1AMP(I/M) Feeling sensation in left hand, feet and side. Treatment continue from last three month Full movement but feeling vibration type sensation always specially in left hand and feet and sometime in left side last few days headache in left side of forehead. Does the treatment is in right direction With regards Prashant Dubey - Asked by b x on 09-Aug-2016 15:56:25

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    Answered by Dr. Ramya Smitha on 16-Aug-2016 19:30:24

    You can continue the same treatment as all the medications are fine. , meet a neurologist for further advice 

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    Answered by Dr. Yezdani Haleema on 16-Sep-2016 05:24:15

    Mr prashanth yes the treatment is in the right direction kindly continue the same but please check his calcium levels maybe he requires replacement
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