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Oh because me my boobs hurt for a week going on two weeks and i can go to the bathroom without takeing my meddican and my stumech some times hurts one the right side left side or in the center and sometimes its little piches in one spot the it will go to a diffrent spot my friend been ask me these thing and don't know how you answer them - Asked by D h on 07-May-2014 04:31:51

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    Internal Medicine

    Answered by Dr. Srividya Venigalla on 07-May-2014 08:39:47

    Dear DH, could please explain your question in detail. bathroom could either mean urination or stool problem. This will help us answer your question better. Thank you
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  • Answered by Dr. on 07-May-2014 12:26:41


    Pain in breast may vary depending on age, duration and lactation stage. Self examination rules out whether a mass is present. You also need to know whether you have any swellings in arm pit. Otherwise, your pain might be because of infection which can be controlled with antibiotics. Your abdominal symptoms are probably due to excess use of pain killers. If you discontinue them and use omeprazole these might subside. For further help please consult your doctor.

    AM Mohan Rao

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