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My husband, 53, is suffering from viral fever. He had unbearable headache, As advised by the doctor, he consumed Ugesic Tab. It was not explained by the doc as to how many times it can be taken during a day. He took 5 tabs. Can u tell me what could be the side effects of this? Is there any danger on his health? We are giving him lots of fluids though. - Asked by s x on 10-Aug-2016 18:58:11

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    Answered by Dr. Udayanath sahoo on 24-Dec-2016 19:35:43


    Thanks for your question. I do understand your pain and discomfort. I have seen many cases with similar complaints. Please find my advice below-:

    1)First let me clarify that as he had headache with fever so it is not stress at all so no need NSAID like UGESIC

    2)Give Antibiotics (PANCEF 200 mg two times per day upto 7 days course with lactobacillus caps three times a day .

    3)For headache give  ACB PLUS tablets 2times per day(One morning and other evening)

    I hope I was able to address your query. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to write to me.

    Wishing you all the best.


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