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My mother is 50 years old and she has been suffering from stomach swelling(bloating) since a week.We consulted a gynocology and they said stomach filled with fluid and suspecting as mild liver infection. Please advise the treatment to be followed.We have the reports of Blood,Ultrasound,LFT(Liver Function Testing) and Echo. Other Symptoms:Two legs swelling,breathing problem while lying down and sometimes mild dry cough. - Asked by s x on 10-Aug-2016 12:41:27

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    Answered by Dr. Dhaval Thakkar on 27-May-2018 01:34:36

    Hello there,

    Based on description, it seems that she is having Ascites and B/L pedal edema, which may be due to a lot of diseases and disorders. As it is, these are just the signs and indicators of underlying disease or nutritional deficiency.

    a detailed description and copies of the reports would have been more helpful!


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