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my son is 7yrs is irritation while passing urine this from 4to5days and urine routine and microscopic test showed the presence of albumin and microalbumin of >0.15g/l and also blood is present microscopic test show presence of pus cell30-40/hpf andepithelial cells-6-8/hpf and rbc's4-5/hpf no crystals no casts no bacteria is there any serious problem plz help - Asked by n x on 30-Jul-2016 15:17:41

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    Answered by Dr. Ramya Smitha on 30-Jul-2016 19:54:45

    Might be having some urinary tract infection, Try giving Syrup Citralka 5 ml three times daily for 5 days, meet a pediatrician for further advice 

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