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my son is 2 yrs old he is pale has dark circles he's always complaing of being tired he sleeps from 1am to 10pm he's a picky eater doesn't eat healthy , I took him to the doctor & told me there's nothing wrong with him but he looks sick you can tell his eyes make him look sick - Asked by J s on 05-Oct-2014 08:57:04

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    Answered by Dr. Srividya Venigalla on 06-Oct-2014 02:07:33

    Did you mean he is sleeping for 20 hrs in a day ? That is unusual for a 2 yr . how long has this been going on ? has he lost any weight ?

    If you think he is not getting enough nutrition- milk with nutritional powders like Pediacare or Horlicks  twice a day  and multivitamin might be helpful. 

    You might want to explain this situation to your dcotor again - he might need testing for anemia or thyroid . These are usually rare in 2 yr old boy but could occur . 

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  • Answered by Dr. on 06-Oct-2014 12:13:47


    You probably meant he sleeps late and gets up late (? 10 am). He is probably feeling hungry and not able to sleep and hence is always tired. You need to find what food he likes. Children usually are active and do not pay attention to food intake. You need to spend more time feeding him. As he grows older he would adjust to his food habits.

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