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Myself nayana. Blessed with twin gals on may 18th. Premature csection at 36th week. On birth one of my baby head size was 33cm. After days it was 36.5 cm. So doctor was surprised and sent for ultrasound scan. I have attached the first report of the scan. It showed a small cyst in germinal matrix and it also said subtle prominence of lateral ventricle. After 15days of followupscan they said cyst was dissolved. But they didnt mention about ventricles. When I went for 2nd month check up the baby head size was 40 so doctoe again asked for scan. I have attached the second report. It said bilaterally mild prominence of lateral ventricles measuring 12-13mm. After this my paediatric asked to consult neurologist. I am scared now why neurologist is there any problem...what does that mean? Currently i live in my mom place in village unable to consult any neurologist. Please explain is it complicated....i am scared to death...unable to nurse my babies from past one week. Please help me.... - Asked by n x on 02-Aug-2016 00:28:06

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  • Answered by Dr. on 02-Aug-2016 03:07:58

    don't worry, come wth all report for examination and case taking for contitutional treatment else it will creat you nurologic patient.

     It is a cureable didease but the case should be diagnosed properly with all investigation.Case to be taken properly for constiyutional treatment.

     contact    for appointment  on  0 943307680 sothat i may give you the time for  proper treatment

    Dr. A K mandal



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