Neck pain and headache

Category: Nervous system disorders

Sir, I am santosh of 24 year,I have been suffering from neck pain for 1 year,I consulted a doctor and he said some C4 plate misplaced,so i am getting pain, he gave some Ibu profen tablets course and after course again i am getting pain.he gave one "neck collar" also, because of shy i used it for only 1 month. for some days i didn't get any pain but later it is coming again.I won't get pain in the morning time. but after sleeping it is coming. I've seen some videos in youtube for optimal positions to relief from neck pain but i didn't get relax from either. What should I do?, is it "cervical spondylitis", now slowly i am getting headache and eye pain also because of insomnia. Shall i use special pillow designed for neck pain? please give suggestion sir. Thanks and regards Santosh perali - Asked by s p on 03-Apr-2014 11:37:05
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