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I'm 21 years old. used to be in shape. last few years I've been smoking, finally quit. Havnt been working out. I have bad anxiety all the time. and have heart palputations, i can always feel my heartbeat, it's really uncomfortable. I feel for my heart beat all the time. I have shortness of breathe from the anxiety. but latley I've been wheezing at the end of my breathes. I've had bronchitus before so it could of devoloped before. when I feel my heart beat sometimes it's beating fast if I walk up the stairs or something like that. then random I will feel it slow down considerably at random. is this common? I also get weird twitches or what seem to be like uncontrolled tremors in my stomach and chest, what to you think? is there somthing wrong? - Asked by w a on 07-Nov-2014 22:55:46

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    Answered by Dr. Ramya Smitha on 08-Nov-2014 15:37:55

    hi these are all withdrawal symptoms of smoking. don't worry . meet a physician for shortness of breath. or you can simply use a Duolin inhaler . but using duolin inhaler may also raise heartbeat. kindly get your lungs and heart checked once. you can get a Chest xray and ECG done so that we can rule out other problems. if both are normal then all u need is to divert urself from your symptoms. sleep as much as u can. workout regularly and meditate. concentrate on other things then everything is going to be fine.
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