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Dear sir I am 25 years old...I ve problem of phlegm for few month... i always cough out white and thick phlegm...I have taken lots of medicine and cough syrup but of no use...generally when I wake up and clean my throat lots of thick white phlegm comes out...plz help - Asked by P A on 14-Dec-2014 07:37:54

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  • Answered by Dr. on 14-Dec-2014 09:04:01


    Thick white sputum, cough in morning suggests allergic phenomemnon. You can try get some tests done: Complete blood picture, ESR, chest x-ray PA view and respiratory function tests. Steam inhalation brings out sputum easily. If you are allergic to pollution or smoke etc., you need to avoid its exposure.

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Replied by P A on 14-Dec-2014 13:28:03

sir I had done ct scan of chest which was normal...and blood test was done which suggest I ve esonophilia...and I ve taken medicine as well...but this phlegm problem emerge quite often

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    Answered by Dr. Srividya Venigalla on 19-Dec-2014 11:12:52

    Agree with above - allergies and chronic sinus infections are common causes . Taking antihistaminics like Cetrizine,  for allergies, everyday might help the problem. You might need to see ENT to check your sinuses as well.

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