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Please tell me i am taking akurit 4 for TB and losing weight i want increase my weight what should i do can i take any kind of supplement ans me - Asked by s x on 08-Aug-2016 20:20:55

Answer Count: 1    Disorder Type: Respiratory disorders
  • Answered by Dr. on 08-Aug-2016 20:39:45


    Your information is insufficient for prescribing the remady but it is curable.

    However,as per information, primarily  you may take following medicine provided you are ready to face follow up otherwise the precriber shall not be liable in future,


    1.Brime Stone-200X16 D

    2 drops in 100ml Aqua Dista and Mix 30 drops of RS X 16 bottoles.

    To be taken once daily in empty stomach

    Then contact , as normally, I  should not make any suggestion  like others without proper case taking along with investigations which are required for homoeopathic characterised and individualised treatment for each individual pateints. As two individuals are not alke,their should not alike.So you may contact trough mail: to get Case Record Form and appointment  09433076820.


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