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What r the chances of pregnancy without ejaculation inside the vagina? &can a woman doesn't feel the guy ejaculating in her(guy not do any pressure or force while ejaculating?) - Asked by l b on 26-May-2014 13:55:07

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    Answered by Dr. Suneel Vallabhaneni on 28-May-2014 23:31:59

    Chances of pregnancy with out ejaculation are low but there is always a risk if you don't use condoms regularly. Even with condoms, there is still a chance of getting pregnant depending on how consistently they were used and also based on factors like slipping of the condoms or tear of the condoms. Condoms do have the advantage of preventing sexually transmitted infections. Safest way to avoid pregnancy is to use dual contraception i.e condom and hormonal contraception in the form of a patch or deposhot (for women). I would strongly advice you to use condoms consistently and try avoid involving with multiple sexual partners to decrease your chances of acquiring sexually transmitted infections like gonorhea, syphilis, chlamidia, hepatitis C and B and HIV
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