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30 year old m. I have asthma. Quit smoking this year after 12 years of smoking. Anyway I have been haveing a dull ache in the right side upper quadrant in my chest for about a month or more, especially when I take a deep breath. (sometimes sharp pains on the left side but not very often) i thought it was smoking related but It hasnt gotten better at all over the month. Its not a constant ache but on somedays it seems to bother me all day and make it hard to get full breaths. Theres not a single day i dont feel it. Tylenol has helped some. pain seems to lessen when I rub it. also been having back pain on my middle to upper right side for quite awhile longer. back pain hurts more then my chest. not sure if its related. I went in to urgent care and they said my chest sounds fine. can't see my PCP for another week to get x rays. it feels tender when I press down on my breastbone a little. not sure if its from rubbing it or if there's actual soreness. my pectoral doesn't feel sore, just underneath it. also some small pains at the bottom of my right ribcage. My question is if this is an emergency matter (not sure cause its been over a month of this) or maybe a prolonged muscle soreness or something? Can it really feel the same discomfort for this long? I don't work out at all but I read it can be chest wall pain or something? Just looking for a Dr.s opinion and any would be great. thank you. - Asked by C V on 29-Jan-2015 07:33:48

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  • Answered by Dr. on 29-Jan-2015 10:50:31


    You are 30y old male with history of smoking for 12y. You have chest pain right upper: dull, increased on taking deep breath; severity varies time to time. The pain radiates to right upper back. There is some tenderness. You need blood tests and chest x-ray to find what could be wrong. There is some pathology in right upper lung which needs to be investigated. Although it is not an emergency, it needs to be investigated as soon as possible.

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