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I was experiencing a sore throat with a headache for a few days the dr I saw said it was sinus infection. no runny nose and no fever and no cough. just headache and sore throat. was on antibiotics for 10 days. a couple days after finishing the antibiotics my throat started hurting again.. went to my regular dr and was on a stronger antibiotic. I finished it on Saturday, today (Tuesday) my throat is hurting again. I recently started constantly chewing gun during the day don't know if maybe that's what's is causing it? it doesn't hurt in the mornings, but in the evenings. any advice would much appreciated! thanks! - Asked by t s on 05-Nov-2014 04:50:32

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Replied by t s on 05-Nov-2014 07:26:08

also ibuprofen helps both my throat and my head

Replied by t s on 05-Nov-2014 08:41:58

one more thing! while this is happening at night I keep waking up.. dunno if I can't breathe good or what..

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    Answered by Dr. Ramya Smitha on 05-Nov-2014 10:04:13


    based on the information given by you i doubt if u r suffering from any infection. Stop all the antibiotics for 1 week and get a Throat Swab Culture and Sensitivity Test Done. If the test is negative for any organism then you can probably have an Allergy to certain foods or water or environment . Till then for temporary releif you can do Warm Water plus Salt Gargling . 

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Replied by t s on 05-Nov-2014 10:41:53

thank you for your response.
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