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I am 30 years old vegetarian male having stool problems since 1 month. It started with semi-solid stools which was not watery. This continued for 3 weeks even though my diet was normal. I took a Norflox TZ once or twice but it didn't help. But last week I went to a party and ate a lot. I fell very ill with slight fever, headache. Loose motions and cramps. I felt like vomiting but couldn't. Loose motion only happened twice. Gas was there. I was feeling like nothing is going to digest but felt very hungry. I took curd and continued normal diet. I took Norflox TZ twice a day for 3 days. Also took unienzyme tablets. First two days stool was very good and satisfying. The volume and density looked absolutely normal. But from third day it again became loose. The cramps were still there. I feel like nothing is digesting and am trying to burp all the time. I had eaten veg patties outside the previous day. Again yesterday I ate cake and roll and today I was had watery loose motions twice. My stool is dark today but its light in color usually. Urine is slightly yellow. Cornea is white. I am worried if there is anything serious. I mostly lunch outside in corporate canteen. I do not feel weak but stomach is bad. I had the same symptoms almost in 2012 and after some days I developed Anemia due to less B12. 1.Please advise some medicines with brand names. Should I take Norfloz TZ? If yes then what should be the dosage and for how many days? 2.Is any test required? If yes please name them. - Asked by R C on 03-Jul-2015 22:22:44

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    Answered by Dr. Ramya Smitha on 06-Jul-2015 13:37:02


    You are suffering from regular stomach infection . You can continue norflox tz for another 3 days. Also Take Pan 40mg once daily before break fast for 1 month which would set your stomach.Nothing to worry. 

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