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Hi, I am 27 years old male over weight up to 120kgs, i am suffering with stomach bloating and abdominal sounds. 2-3 years back i used to have acidity pain, i used to take omeprazole and i managed to take diet punctually, some how managed to come out of it. I have no acidity pain since past 2-3 years. But for last 1 year i am suffering from abdominal sounds and bloating. Abdominal sounds starts from 3:00 PM which some times gives me burping also farting by 9:00 Pm. In some cases when i took heavy meal i never seen such bloating or abdominal sounds. But since i am obese when i try to maintain limited diet i feel it real worse. I am occasional alcoholic, probably once or twice a month. I have an idea of going for a gastro checkup which i have seen in your healthcare checkup packages, but since am obese i am half sure i might have fatty liver. I am sacred to see such results in reports which will put me in severe tension and stress. Please suggest should i go for this complete gastro checkup at this age or any other remedies/precautions or suggestions. Thanks. - Asked by c k on 16-Jan-2014 16:29:49

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    Answered by Dr. Suneel Vallabhaneni on 17-Jan-2014 19:03:13

    There are many causes for bloating.

    • Gastritis, which is exessive acid secretion problem can some times present as bloating problem without typical acid related symptoms.
    • Other causes are eating in an untimely manner or skipping meals.
    • Different types of foods like beans, pulses(dal) and potatoes etc are well known to precipitate bloating in genetically predisposed individuals
    • Some times there might be a family history of this in your parents

    How can you manage this:

    • Try to avoid these foods, add more protein and other vegetables (green leafy or fresh fruit, this adds more fiber to the diet which would facilitate regular bowel movements which in turn would decrease the problem of passing gas)
    • Try to eat small portions at regular and timely intervals at least 4 times/day, like breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner.

    If none of these measures made any difference then talk to your doctor to go back on omeprazole.

    Regarding gastro package, it is always better to find out about a problem early in the course so that it can be treated early with better outcomes or can prevent further progression by:

    • Risk factor reduction like diet and wt loss program
    • Treating with medications or bypass surgery

    If the fatty infiltration is severe enough, it can lead to cirrhosis in the long run. This type of cirrhosis is rare but it can happen.

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