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i am having difficult swallowing my own saliva for 2 months.i am 25 yr boy.i feel throat tightness along with right chest heaviness sometime.i fell relax having food and drink.this started after i felt food stuck in chest taking gabapentin and dosulpin for right back side headache.what can it be?can it be serious disease? - Asked by b on 15-May-2014 08:52:38

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  • Answered by Dr. on 15-May-2014 10:53:36


    Your symptoms may be due to esophagitis and hyperacidity. Please try omeprazole 20 mg empty stomach. Also avoid food that does not suit you. Bland diet and milk and milk products are good. Cold water or ice cream relieves pain where as spicy or citrous or soda drinks aggravate your condition.

    AM Mohan Rao 

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    Answered by Dr. Suneel Vallabhaneni on 15-May-2014 18:10:45

    I think it would be better if you see your primary care doctor/general physician to get a good exam of your oral cavity and throat to look for any tonsillar problems or pharynx issues and also feel for any masses in the neck area and get a barium swallow test done to rule out any mechanical obstruction causes. Mechanical obstruction could be from obstruction/stricture(esophagitis from acid reflex is one of the causes of stricture)/mass with in the pharynx or esophagus or some mass in the chest cavity compressing the esophagus from outside. CT scan of the chest is the best test to look at masses compressing from outside the esophagus. Once the mechanical causes are ruled out, functional/motility issues of the esophagus need to be looked at. Common causes that lead to difficulty swallowing saliva at your age are severe tonsillitis or pharyngeal abscess. Both of these conditions are associated with fever, sever pain while swallowing and they usually are more sudden onset compared to 2 months duration in your case and these will definitely get worse rapidly leading to hospital admissions if not treated for 2 months. So, it doesn't look like one of these causes in your case. The other rare cause which occurs in younger age group could be jenker's diverticulim, which is a blind pouch that develops from upper esophagus and this is usually associated with bad breath along with the symptoms you described. Barium swallow can diagnose this entity too. You can see a primary care doctor now to get the above work up done or after 2 wks of omeprazole use as Dr. Madhan mentioned. I do not want you to loose sleep or get anxious about the above explanation, I wanted you to know the possible causes so that you can stay well informed when you see your doctor. If you have any further question, please do not hesitate to contact us back.
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