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well here goes.... so about a month and a half ago i gave oral sex with a canker sore in my mouth to a man i didn't know.... he said hes clean of hiv but i dont believe him there was no ejaculation in my mouth.... so 5 weeks later im experiencing a rash on my arm that appeared for a few days then went away, bad chest pains now and then, swollen tonsils and nodes, and bumps on my uvula. I went to the doctors about a week ago and he took a chest xray and a throat culture. The chest xray came back normal with no signs of anything out of the ordinary. The throat culture also came back negative. But i am still having these symptoms. I am just worried that i have contacted hiv but i read that hiv through oral is a low risk but i had a canker sore in my mouth so that can increase it. i took a blood test and i am currently waiting for the results but i am so afraid that there gonna tell me i have hiv or an std.. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO - Asked by Q J on 27-Nov-2015 11:35:38

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    Answered by Dr. Venkata Rama Krishna K on 27-Nov-2015 15:47:43


    first know whether he is  HIV or not? canker can be seen commonly in many people,it can be due to stress,vitamin defeciencies,trauma.teeth bitting,food allergies, more common in females due hormonal distrubances. chances of getting HIV very low as u said,,but ther are chances of getting STD,if he had... u can get HIV test if u have doubt. chest pain can be due to acidity, as u r reports are normal  u need not to worry.even STD can be cured by course .

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