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in September I realized I miscounted the days until I needed to change my nuvaring. somewhere between September 20-25 I started my period. after that I did not put in a new ring. my periods are regular. I have not had another period since. three days ago November 9th I had unprotected sex and he came inside of me. what are the chances in becoming pregnant? - Asked by b e on 12-Nov-2014 05:13:27

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    Answered by Dr. Ramya Smitha on 12-Nov-2014 08:54:11

    You havent got period since 25th september . Better you take a Contraceptive pill if u want to avoid pregnancy. Meet your gynaecologist for further advice

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    Answered by Dr. Satish Potluri on 13-Nov-2014 01:40:10

    Normally if your cycle is regular (between 28- 32 days) you will ovulate between day 11- 21. Egg lives for 12-24 hours after ovulation. If your last menustral period ended on sep 25th and your cycles are regular, you may ovulate between oct 6th to oct 17. If the egg is fertilized , it can take 6-12 days to implant. This brings to implantation day around oct 12- 29th. You can check urine HCG to verify pregnancy. It may give you false positive or negatives. so checking with obsteritician / medical doctor can be helpful.

        Since egg lives for a brief period and if you didnt have sex during that period, you may not be pregnant.

    Hope this helps.

    best wishes

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