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My son about 4 years old is suggested to undergo 'Adenoidectomy' and also has 'Tonsilitis'? The ENT consultant is suggesting a surgery for removing adenoids and tonsils together. How should i evaluate and proceed? Are there any options that i can consider? If i need to proceed for surgery of adenoids and tonsils removal in one procedure, will there be any pitfalls? - Asked by V G on 30-Dec-2013 18:07:19

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  • Internal Medicine

    Answered by Dr. Suneel Vallabhaneni on 30-Dec-2013 22:33:37

    Side effects or complications from adenoidectomy are rare. Usually patients go home on the same day, pain can be controlled by simple pain medications and usually there are no diet restrictions after surgery.


    Expected but rare complications are

    • Damage to the palate (upper part of your mouth cavity) which might lead to speech problems, regurgitation of food from nose.
    • Bleeding, which is usually a problem in the first 24 hrs.
    • Narrowing of the junction between back part of the nose and upper part of the gut leading to breathing problem and swallowing problems.
    • Dislocation of the joint between the first and second bones in the neck portion of the spine due to spread of infection from surgery leading to severe neck pain and deviation of the neck.
    • Joint problem at the point where the lower part of your mouth meets the upper part (jaw problem) leading to difficulty in opening mouth and chewing.


    As I said these complications are very rare and I do not want you to get overwhelmed with this information and make a decision of not opting for surgery. Tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy are very commonly done procedures, very safe - if the surgeon is experienced and have lot of benefits compared to complications/risks.


    If your doctor recommended it, I am assuming he ran out of all the other non-surgical options like treating with antibiotics multiple times and your kid is probably suffering from mouth breathing, snoring, multiple nose, sinus and ear infections. If that is the case, you can safely proceed with your doctor's recommendations.

    Let me know if this addressed your question.

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  • Otolaryngology

    Answered by Dr. Satish Chandra on 31-Dec-2013 11:14:36

    adenotonsillectomy as it is commonly mentioned, removing both the adenoids and tonsils at the same time, if they are symptomatic and not responding to the medical management. there is no age limitations as such for the procedure. only thing to make sure whether that is indicated or not. if severely symptomatic problems of not undergoing surgery are more than the complications of surgery. one thing is sure , your kid will have for a while postoperatively while taking food, that you have to accept and be prepared to be patience with your child
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