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for three years:itching skin brown spots that look like freckles red spots that scab over decreased urine output thickened nails numbness in genitals hair falling out in handfuls eyelashes lost scalp has scabs too I thought it could be scabies but I have seen five different doctors and they all say its .not but offer me no diagnosis . I live with two I daughters and they don't seem affected by it. - Asked by D K on 19-Feb-2015 22:04:16

Answer Count: 1    Disorder Type: Skin and subcutaneous disorders
  • Answered by Dr. on 21-Feb-2015 09:36:28


    Since your daughters are not affected, it probably is not contagious or infective. It could still be allergic to some substance but seems less likely. You already might have had antiscabies treatment which works for several months and should have subsided by now.  However, if it is still persisting it must be something related to autoimmune disease or others like metabolic (diabetes) etc., It always helps if some basic blood tests are. In absence of this one can speculate that it could be one of connective tissue disease or diabetes mellitus or thyroid abnormality. Although hypothyroidism causes loss of hair, itching suggests hyperthyroidism.

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