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Dear Dr My husband Sabapathy aged 54, is suffering fr thyroid since 2002, TSH was very high then-- 259, now after medical adv. he takes Thyrox 100 mg. now under control. Got this test done yesterday : T3 TOTAL SERUM 1.17 T4, TOTAL SERUM 11.30 TSH, SERUM 0.30 Takes Thyrox 100 mg LIPID PROFILE : Triglycerides 156 slightly high, HDL 27 below range LDL 113.80 ( was high ( 230) till last year now reduced, does brisk walk 3 km, no fatty food, standard diet, taken. VlDL 31.20 slightly high now. Glucose Fasting ==== 77 mg / dl Glucose (PP) ===== 64 mg / dl, which is low. He is NOT diabetic JUST WANTED TO GET MORE DETAILS ON HIS HEALTH, as i get medical test done every year. - Asked by V S on 04-Feb-2014 15:01:23

Answer Count: 1    Disorder Type: Endocrine, nutritional and metabolic disorders

  • Internal Medicine

    Answered by Dr. Suneel Vallabhaneni on 06-Feb-2014 18:59:23

    • Looks like the dose of thyroxine he is taking is too high for him
      • If he has symptoms of hyperthyroidism or increased thyroid function like increased sweating, unintentional weight loss, excessive hair loss, diarrhea and muscle weakness, then, he needs to decrease the dose to 75 micrograms.
      • If none of the above symptoms are present, then, he can decrease the dose to 87.5 (75+12.5) micrograms.
      • Please do not make these changes until you talk to your doctor.
    • Every time there is a dose change, TSH needs to be checked in 4 to 6 wks.

    Next time, please try not to mention your husband'a or your name in the question in order to maintain privacy and confidentiality for you and your family. Let me know if this answered your question.

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Replied by V S on 07-Feb-2014 11:06:32

Thank q very much Dr Suneel Vallabhaneni I got the answer for my question, Keeping this valuable report will seek consult my doctor, for further investigation. Thank q so much for ur prompt reply, Dr Suneel Vallabhaneni, Vyjayanthi Sabapathy.
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