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abortion question - Asked by j L on 12-May-2014 11:24:58

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  • Answered by Dr. on 13-May-2014 13:15:32


    Ideally abortion is should be done in first seven weeks. However, at 12 weeks it is safe if done at a hospital. You need to discuss it with your doctor.

    AM Mohan Rao

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Replied by j L on 13-May-2014 16:01:56

when does the abortion price start to go up is at week 12 or week 13?

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    Answered by Dr. Surya Rao Poodipeddi on 16-May-2014 13:19:46

    Dear JL,

    Pregnancy is a natural physiological phenominon.

    It is more often than not a willful desire for procreation and the concerned partners in sex should forst decide whether they want a pregnancy or not.If they have no desire for a pregnancy why go in for it and then think in terms of doing away with it.

    Unless the pregnancy results out of careless sex act between two strangers full of lust there is no reason why one should think in terms of Abortion.

    Whether legitimate partners or casual partners one cannot avoid pregnancy if proper precaustions are not taken like condom/pills or other methods like coitus interruptus(Not allowing the release of seminal fluid inside the vagina but discarding outside just in time during an orgasm) observing safe period for sexual inter course etc.

    In such a situation why be careless initially and then think of aborting it.

    Regardless of the duration of the pregnancy one should remember and understand that aborting the fetus is always frought with danger and unwanted complications snd may lead to danger to the mother.

    Therefore, please understand that one should always try to avoid pregnancy but not aborting it after already pregnant.

    The reason behind explaining the pros and cons of abortion and how to avoid it in the first place insted of just suggesting hospitalised abortion is to alert you to be prepared for likey dabgers involved in aborting the pregnancy.





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