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I've been having a lot if anxiety lately due to changes in my body. lately it's been my feet hurting at work and when I wake up in the morning they are tingly but then it goes away. when I'm at work they just ache and hurt. I also have a rapid heartbeat when I wake up from naps and sometime when I wake from sleeping at night. I've had a lot of other things like tight chest pain but those have gone for now. every time something new happens, more anxiety is piled on. do you know what this could be? - Asked by t l on 04-Nov-2014 00:42:55

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    Answered by Dr. Ramya Smitha on 04-Nov-2014 09:11:38

    Tingling of Feet n Hands is a very common and trouble some problem. Most of the times its temporary but keeps recurring often there could be many reasons for tingling . common causes are Diabetes , Vitamin Deficiency, Alcoholism , some infections,kidney or liver diseases , Firstly check your sugar levels and Vitamin  B12 levels . If you are alcoholic then you will have to slowly reduce. sometimes sudden ceasation of Alcohol also causes serious withdrawal syndromes . The following medications could be of help but you must also consult a neurologist if the problem persists . 

    Tab Gabaneuron once daily after break fast  for 1 month 

    Tab Pregabalin 75mg once daily after Dinner for 1 month 

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