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I'm a grown up (25 years) it's been since my childhood, it's now getting worse, and I can't bite sugarcane, green raw mangoes because of the electricity like feeling when I try to.. please help me - Asked by C P on 10-Jan-2015 13:19:35

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    Answered by Dr. Ramu Vuppala on 10-Jan-2015 18:53:26

    It's most probably sensitivity that matches your description. It is caused most commonly when cold foods or fluids touch the root surface of the tooth. Use anti sensitive tooth paste like Sensodyne or Colgate sensitive pro relief. But this is a temporary relief, please visit your dentist to check the underlying problem. There could one or more than one in such situations.


    thank you

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Replied by C P on 11-Jan-2015 03:43:29

thank you! your reply was very useful!

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    Answered by Dr. I Vijayalakshmi Murthy on 11-Jan-2015 10:53:29

    Your gums bleed while brushing because there is an underlying inlammation of the gums.

    The most common reason is irritation from plaque and tartar deposits on the teeth.

    This irritation causes the gums to get swollen due to an increase in the number of tiny

    blood vessels with a thin surface layer that get damaged or torn easily.

    It results in bleeding even if you brush gently or bite into an apple.

    Brushing your teeth is not enough to remove the plaque and tartar deposits.

    Only a professional teeth cleaning ( scaling ) done by your dentist or your dental hygienist

    can remove the plaque and tartar deposits and reduce the irritation to your gums. 

    There may be many other reasons for bleeding gums; only your dentist can determine the cause

    and suggest the best remedy for you.

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    Answered by Dr. Jyothirmai Talasila on 13-Jan-2015 00:07:07

    Hi, Sirry to hear that especially for your age, but you sound like you gave teeth sensitivity. I would like you to see a dentist to find a long term solution. If you gave deep bite and teeth are sensitive to cold air or drinks/food (lower front teeth) is likely needed to fix your bite given your age. Because with age teeth wear and sensitivity is common. Otherwise you need to consider long term options.

    That said, fir temporary relief you can use toothpaste for sensitive teeth like Thermoseal, Sensodyne etc apply a pea size on teeth that hurts and leave it for time specified on the one you buy. The brush normally -gentle circular strokes. Again, if there is an issue like deep bite or something that a dentist can evaluate during oral exam then you need to follow his/her advise as needed for long term results.

    Hope this is helpful. Best 

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