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Communication services

Physician Online or On Call (POC)


DesiMD offers services of a qualified physician to attend to the health needs of your


Our physician on board will address any clarifications required by your employees through online interactions.

DesiMD also offers onsite

physician service with periodic visits to the offices, making it easy for employees to consult right at their work location.


Online Individual Medical Data (OMD)


DesiMD collates the individual

health assessment data of

employees and presents it online with access to the respective employee and the management.

Such compilation of health

assessment data over a period of time will enhance the employees’ confidence to stay healthy, as this will provide the individual with a clear data to project his/her health condition in the future.


Mobile Communications (MC)


DesiMD assists companies in

providing SMS-based ‘Health Tips’ and ‘Reminders’ periodically to your employees.

This initiative will elicit positive response from the employees, as it will engage them to become health conscious and inculcate

healthy habits.