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Advantages and Disadvantages of Hair Transplant- Explained!

Hair Transplant is a common Solution for Hair fall and baldness these days, But only a few know the advantages and Disadvantages of Hair Transplant. In this Article, we going to reveal all the Disadvantages and Advantages of Hair Transplant in detail.

In the modern era, because of the poor lifestyle or poor diet many of us are suffering from the Hair loss which many times get more worse like baldness and the most common solution visible to us is Hair Transplant. But before you go for it let’s take a short discussion over Hair transplant, Its Advantages and all the Disadvantages of Hair transplant!

Hair Transplant is considered as a surgical technique that hides your baldness by switching your hair follicles from back of the scalp to the balding part of the scalp often used to treat Male pattern baldness. The site from where the hair follicles are taken referred as “donor site” and the part where these are switched referred as recipient site.

The people who are suffering from extreme hair loss, thinning hair or even bald spots whether a man or a woman have to go for hair transplant which is well known as a restoration procedure.

Male Baldness - Baldness seen in the Males are often due to genetic factors and Hormone DHT. Sometimes they also experience thinning of hair from the front part or we can say the top of the skull.

In Male Pattern baldness, hairline gradually retreats and the bald portion of the scalp seems to expose giving a dull look.

Women Baldness - Women often suffers from the baldness due to some hormonal changes resulting in heavy hair fall and thinning of hairs. Transplants are also performed to recover the hairs due to some disease, injury or burns suffered by the scalp.

Every aspect has some advantages as well as disadvantages. So, let’s discuss advantages first of performing hair transplant -

Advantages of Hair Transplant

  • Transplant is regarded as a restoration procedure in which hairs are taken out from the back of the scalp and fix them on the bald portion of the scalp that why their color remains same. However, it completely gets recover within 8 to 10 months starting after 2-3 months. Short time Recovery is indeed the Best Advantage of Hair Transplant.
  • Although there are different methods for performing hair transplant and in which one of the method is Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) where skin strip is taken out from the back of the scalp and after performing the dividation of the follicular unit it is planted on the bald area. Many of the times scars are seen on the back of the scalp but the technique has advanced resulting minimum scars on the back if performed by the expert surgeons. No Scars after the treatment is a major advantage of Hair Transplant
  • Another awe inspiring technique is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) under which a single hair is taken out and planted in the bald area. This meticulous method gives the excellent and permanent result. However, it leaves tiny scars on the back of your scalp but permanent Solution is a considerable Advantage of Hair transplant for sure.
  • Many of the people scared of getting Hair Transplant not believing it not natural. Although it is completely safe and Natural and its among the main advantages of hair transplant. None of your hairs get damage because this does not contain any special chemical or medicine to transplant your hairs.
  • One more advantage of hair transplant is that you not need to apply any special shampoo or oil or another product to maintain their density. There growth will be natural and the hairs are manageable.
  • This is considered as a permanent solution to overcome from the baldness. It not just enhance your looks but also boost your confidence. Though you can maintain them as your wish whether you color them, or oil them or wash them or try any hairstyle. Just maintain them as your own wish.
  • Many of the candidates experienced that they look younger and feel positive and ready to begin a new journey as this gave them a life transforming result.

But as we have already told you that every aspect has some advantages and some disadvantages, so next we move to its disadvantages -

Disadvantages of Hair Transplant

  • General Health is the primary requisite who undergoes Hair Transplant. A person is deemed to be aware of the Androgenic Alopecia which is progressive and irreversible disorder. Instead of Hair Transplant proper treatment is needed if the Hair Loss is genetic it is surely a disadvantage of hair transplant.
  • Even after thousands of successful hair transplant it majorly depends on the quality of existing donor area i.e. the back area of your scalp as it is an invasive procedure. SO in case of Complete Baldness you cannot undergo Hair Transplant, it is a major Disadvantage of Hair Transplant.
  • Getting hair transplant does not mean that recovery is overnight it is a long term process. The natural growth starts after 2 to 3 months which make take 8-10 months for the complete recovery, although it is a advantage for some people, but it may be a Disadvantage of hair transplant for some.
  • Proper precaution is needed after getting transplant starting from the medication to the Healthy diet. Even you are advised to limit your physical activities for a week or some ten days to prevent your hairs from falling out resulting from sweat. It is a Major advantage of hair Transplant.

Despite of some disadvantages of Hair Transplant, the results are truly mesmerizing building your confidence and hide your dull part. Dr. Sachin Sharda is a Expert in Hair Transplant at Jaipur SkinCity, and has successfully transplanted over 300 patients at a very nominal Hair Transplant Cost